Creative writing about a platypus in the depths of the australian rainforest


Cactus Fingers…with the potoo I mean, shit, in Abrahamic and Zoroastrian faith traditions, we even envision angels, the shimmering middle-men of the Creator, as having bird wings plastered on their backs.

Peace with the dove, might and prowess with hawks and eagles…. It reminded him of the murky water of the pond, but sweeter and smoother. He pulled back his hand from the water and lay down on his back. Ranging in length from 43 to 55 inches and weighing 15 to 31 pounds, their massive wingspan of 8 to 10 feet has had them confused with small airplanes on more than one occasion.

Karl stared at this strange creature as it decided to throw another pebble at Karl. Their wattle is even weirder: He soon realized that that position would be impossible.

60 Weird Animals Around the World

He was startled and didnt know who that man was, but his little platypus brain was quick to except this change. One window high up on the wall caught his attention, he saw a tiny patch of blue sky gleaming through that small opening and it calmed him down.

Nor the evils of the worldwide Islamic Inquisition which — not in the 16th century but now, in the 21st, condemns Muslim apostates to barbaric execution. Then the crashing noises came back, except these noises were much louder. He kicked against the unyielding net. He hooked his human hands onto the smooth stones in the floor of the pond and tried to crawl over the muddy bottom, moving toward the shore.

He never questioned if the dream was real or not. He saw orange and silvery fish streaming past his hand through the water. You might be aware that the cassowary, a flightless bird closely related to emus, native to northern Australia and Papua New Guinea, has a reputation as a violent animal…prone to defending itself against perceived threats with a casual leaping, roundhouse kick, armed with a razor claw-tipped foot a behavior that has injured many, and resulted in a single recorded death.

Then the crashing noises came back, except these noises were much louder. These other two creatures also had brown burnt skin and charcoal covered hair. Over the next few weeks he adapted to their atmosphere and began to conform to their ways.

The burnt creatures carrying him dropped him on the floor and he slowly found his way out of the net. As his new body was completely immersed in the liquid mirror a brilliant light flashed and split the silvery glow. He slowly moved around occasionally lifting one of his hands to slide it against a plant of some sort; as if he was trying to decipher if he could eat it by the way it felt.

He saw the same amusement in its eyes so Karl knew it was not hostile, but he could not understand the meaning of these actions. He stood there in the same position staring at this luminous mirror, when something caused him to began to move closer toward it.

He also listened to them make sounds to each other as the towed them toward their destination. He opened his eyes just in time to see five burnt creatures throwing a thick straw net over him. The large burnt creature set him down on a soft smooth place that was covered with animal furs and smelled also of oils and slightly of dirt.

Seeing that Karl had not been fooled by its plant camouflage, the creature crept out from behind its hiding place and stood in front of Karl.

He looked up into the sky and stared at the large blue mass. The course ropes cut and burned into his naked skin and the sun jutting in and out from behind trees hurt his eyes. When he was only a breath away he reached up with his new human hand and touched the mirror.

He clung to the outer ridge of a stone boulder and strenuously pulled himself out of his shelter allowing his feet to drag behind him.

He sat and daydreamed about jumping back out of the liquid silver mirror and becoming a platypus again, but Karl knew that this was not possible. Their wind-blown arias range from the simple, structured trill of the western meadowlark, to the complicated, crystal clear chimes of the white-rumped shama, to whatever the hell this insanity is from the superb lyrebird.

The thought of eating algae grubs disgusted him so he decided to crawl around the small vicinity around the pond.Open up your bedroom wall and enjoy the intimate surrounds of rainforest along the Never Never River, just below your tree house hideaway.

The building was designed by an iconic Australian architect and is just 10 minutes drive from funky Bellingen.

With close to 20, animals at the National Aquarium, you'll discover something new every time you visit. Preview some of our most iconic animal species by filtering type, color, habitat, and more. The bottom levels of the canopy in a Pacific Northwestern old-growth rainforest can potentially be no less than feet (46 m) high, which is a value not often matched in any other forested region on Earth.

Down in the depths of the Australian Rainforest. There is a small murky pond surrounded by thick green moist foliage. It sits in the center of a deep dense rainforest alive with the chirps and clicks of the animals of the forest. In that pond, on a small gray rock, there was a platypus by the name of Karl Ward.

He teaches creative writing and composition at Brooklyn College and lives in Brooklyn, New York.and get ready to dive into the “rainforest of the sea!” 20 pages to explore the ocean. My favorite was the Rainforest, and hers, the Ocean. Kaila Allison is a senior at New York University studying Creative Writing and Adolescent Psychology.

She has published fiction in the Minetta Review, the Gallatin Review, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood and Potluck Mag.

I encountered one who ‘was somebody’ more than I was: one who.

Creative writing about a platypus in the depths of the australian rainforest
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